2018 Eichler Gators info!

Welcome back, Gator Families!

We are close to the start of our exciting 2018 season! Practices will begin on Monday, April 16th.

Practice times and age groups remain the same as previous seasons:


4:00 to 4:30 (MWF ONLY) - Pre-Competitive Group (parent or guardian must be present)

4:30 to 5:00 - 6 & under and beginners (parent or guardian must be present)

5:00 to 5:30 - 7 & 8 and older beginners (parent or guardian must be present)

5:30 to 6:15 - 9, 10 & 11 based on ability

6:05 to 7:00 - 11 - 18 based on ability

7:00 to 8:00 - 15-18 (begins in mid-late May)

If you have a swimmer new to swim team (or if you know of a new swim team family, please pass this information on to them), they will need to do an in-the-water assessment to ensure every swimmer's safety and allow placement in a group that matches their skill. Assessments will be done the week of April 9-13th scheduled individually with Coach Kelley (coachkelley@eichlerclub.com). If your child is 12 or younger and/ or has not swum with a swim team before, please schedule an assessment with Coach Kelley.

Swimmer registration will open on March 26th. The 2018 fees are $320 for the first swimmer, $280 for each additional swimmer in the family. After May 19, fees will increase to $360 for the first swimmer, and $320 for each additional swimmer in the family . As in previous years, registration is on-line--https://eichler.swimtopia.com.

Like last year as part of the team membership, each swimmer will receive an Eichler Gators team t-shirt! The shirts will be distributed on Picture Day.


We're looking forward to seeing all our Eichler Gator families at our annual Kick-off Brunch on Sunday, April 22nd. The swim team committee and coaches will conduct an ALL-HANDS MEETING (for new and returning families) that will begin at 11:30 am. The potluck will begin after the all-hands meeting. Our swim suit rep will be on hand with samples of team swimsuits, fins and t-shirts will be on display to compare for sizes.

We'll have an "Equipment Exchange"--bring your outgrown fins, goggles, suits, Gator t-shirts and other gear to share with others. We'll put out a Gator Swap table for all the equipment. Pass it on! After the first few weeks of the season, if there is any remaining unclaimed equipment, it will be donated.

Please bring:

* A dish to share (such as bagels, quiches, waffles, fruit salads, salads, sausages, etc.). Beverages (coffee, OJ) will be provided.

* Your own reusable plates, utensils and cups (Remember: Gators are Green!).

* Unneeded, outgrown swim gear for the Gator Swap table

* Checkbook for Gator T-shirt orders

* Enthusiastic Gator Spirit! It's the start of a great season.

We need two volunteers to help with clean-up at the end of the brunch. If you sign-up to help with this job, we will count it toward your job requirements for the season. To volunteer to help or if you have any questions about the brunch, please contact our Social Chairs: Amanda Allan (Amanda.Allan@xerox.com) or Natalie Jackson (aliej@sbcglobal.net).


What better way to start off Cinco de Mayo! Being a Stroke and Turn judge is a great way to get your volunteer hours while enjoying the best seats in the house. If you are new to Stroke and Turn, there is a mandatory clinic at Eichler from 8:30-10:30 am on Saturday May 5th. Please come, enjoy coffee / bagels / donuts with fellow parents, and get up to speed on the latest stroke techniques. Returning Stroke and Turn judges are strongly encouraged to attend as well, and even more strongly encouraged to enjoy the donuts.

If you have questions about the job or the Clinic, please contact Brian Dye at coachjoanna@eichlerclub.com. She will schedule a training day with all Jr. Coaches before practices start. Remember: Gators can receive volunteer community service hours by Jr. Coaching.

See you at the pool for the FIRST PRACTICE on MONDAY, APRIL 16TH!

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