Champs meet info--PLEASE READ!

Hello Gator Families,

As we head into the final weekend of our swim season, we know there might be a few questions about Champs this Sunday. If this is your first season, you probably now understand how a dual meet operates. The Champs meet is very similar, except it's much bigger (a lot more swimmers). This email is a primer on the Champs meet. For even more info, take a look at the 2018 Parent Packet. If you are a "veteran" family, please don't disregard this email--it contains information that you also will need to know for Sunday's meet!

What is Champs?

Champs is the "grand finale" of our JSSL League season. It is the last meet and the one in which ALL SIX of our league's teams compete--Brookside, Cupertino Hills, Greenmeadow, Laurelwood, Saratoga Woods, and Eichler. Obviously, there are many more swimmers and families.

Can I check out the pool before the meet?

There will be a Pool walk-through for families interested in previewing the Champs layout on Friday, July 13th at 1:00pm. Younger and new swimmers may find it helpful to have a look around the Champs pool before the big day. Parents should bring copies of the maps to get familiarized with meeting locations and the Clerk of Course location (changed from last year). For more information and maps, see walk-through info.

What is the order of the meet?

It is the same order as a dual meet: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Relays (there is only ONE relay team per club at Champs). Just like in the meets all season, we will start with the youngest age group (6 and under), boys swim before girls, and move through all the age groups within the same stroke. The later the heat, the faster the seed time. The distances (25 yard, 50 yard 100 yards) that your child has been swimming all season long do not change. DeAnza has the same wireless timing system as Eichler.

What happens Sunday morning - What time do I need to be at De Anza Pool?

Swimmers will have warm-ups as with dual meets. Eichler is scheduled for warm-ups from 7:30-8:00 am in lanes 16, 17 and 18 for swimmers 10 and under. If your swimmer is 11 or older, warm-ups are from 8:00-8:30 in lanes 7, 8 and 9. There will be no swimmer check-in at Champs. This is the same as last year. Important note for all swimmers: Wear only your JSSL club swim-team uniforms and club team swim caps--e.g., don’t wear PASA or high school team gear.

As a parent, you need to check-in at the Eichler volunteer worker table. For a map of the De Anza pool, including where check-in tables will be, see Morning meetings map. The volunteer check-in is at position “A”. The Pre-meet marshals have their meeting at 7:15, other meetings start later. You need to arrive earlier than your meeting to check-in at the Eichler volunteer worker table. Please check your meeting times. There are more details below regarding jobs.

How long does the meet last?

With all six clubs present, obviously there are more swimmers. But there are also more lanes (10 lanes versus the usual 5 or 6 lanes in dual meets). The Champs meet is run very efficiently (so parents, we need your help in guiding your swimmers to the Clerk of the Course when their age group/stroke is called by the Announcer). The last relay is scheduled to be completed around 1:30 pm, but it could end earlier (and hopefully, not later).

What about getting the swimmers to their races?

When the announcer calls your child's event and age, you may escort your swimmer to the stairs nearest the Clerk of the Course. This is upper deck north and the clerk of the course is area "6" on the map. See the map Team Areas and Key Info.

As with our dual meets all season, all races, including 25-yard races, will start from the diving blocks. Note: this is different from Champs last year. Parents working the Clerk of the Course will make sure that the kids get to the correct starting location. They will also help your kids exit the pool deck.

NOTE: If your swimmer is competing in the "6 & under" Butterfly event, please bring your child to the "Clerk of the Course/Swimmer Waiting area" BEFORE the National Anthem so that the meet can begin immediately after.

How close can I get to the pool?

Unless you are working on deck, you will NOT be able to go down the stairs to access the pool after 8:30 am. So if you don't have an "All Day Deck Pass" or a "First Half Deck Pass" or "Second Half Deck Pass" (as appropriate), you won't be able to go down to the deck.

What can I do to help the meet run smoothly so that we can finish on-time or early?

Make sure that you attend your volunteer meeting. Volunteer meetings occur between 7:15 and 8:40 am. Please check the morning meetings map, as most volunteer positions require a meeting. Please know what your job entails and when and where you need to meet with your group. The map Map: Morning meetings location and times shows locations for meetings, check-ins and also meeting times. For descriptions of all jobs, please see Job descriptions. Also, there will be a follow-up email from the Champs Coordinator, regarding jobs.

At the jobs meeting you will be given additional detailed instructions for performing your job. Please be at the meeting location 5 minutes before the posted time. Both FIRST half and SECOND half workers go to the morning meetings, there is no separate meeting for the Second Half workers.

Second half workers should arrive at their positions by event 26 to observe the process before taking over at event 31. First half workers should not leave their posts until their second half replacement has arrived.

At the end of your volunteer shift, turn in your deck pass to your team volunteer coordinator (Jay Wakenshaw.)

Where do we sit in the bleachers?

On the Team areas map there are bleacher areas assigned to each club. Eichler is at the South side of the pool. While most of the time families sit in their club's area, everyone is free to move around and be where they would like, but each club is responsible for cleaning up their assigned area at the end of the meet. No chairs, tents or shades are allowed in the bleacher walkways.

Where do I set up camp?

Since no chairs, tents or shades are allowed in the bleacher areas, there is a "Tent & Shade" area. Eichler is assigned an area, just like the bleacher areas are assigned. On the Team Areas and Key Info Map our camp area is designated with a "Y" just outside on the diving pool end. If your family does set up camp out there, please make sure that your swimmer still gets back to the Clerk of the Course in time for their events. Last year it was difficult to hear the announcements but this year there will be additional speakers out there so it should be easier to hear the race commentary.

Can I buy food at the meet?

There will be a taco truck near the pool. It is area “11” on the Team Areas and Key Info Map .The truck will be selling breakfast items in the morning as well as lunch items later. Kona Ice Truck will be parked out front as well. There are many food options across the street on both Stevens Creek and De Anza if you want to leave and come back.

Where can I get more information?

The Parent Packet (2018 Parent Packet) has very helpful information, especially if this is your first meet at Champs. There is also a Champs preview document with full color pictures. In addition, the JSSL website, has additional information. If you read all of this you will be well-prepared. In addition, parents are encouraged to buy a Champs program at the meet, which contains helpful info on heat lane assignments and which defrays costs for all.

Summary of changes from 2017 Champs that will remain the same for 2018

  • Five warm-up lanes will be available during the meet at the far end of the competition pool, for 11 & older swimmers.
  • Clerk of the Course will remain in the Northwest corner.
  • There will be no formal swimmer check-in before the meet.
  • All races, including 25-yard swims, will start from the diving blocks. Timers/recorders will move ends.
  • The non-backstroke legs of 10&U relays may dive off the blocks/side of the pool.

What's new at the 2018 Champs meet?

  • The scoreboard will be working this year! The person in charge committed to having himself, plus two other assistants on the job to ensure success.
  • Twitter will be working this year, to call races. The twitter handle is @JSSLChamps
  • There is effort being applied to avoid hot/scalding feet for the swimmers. There will be two pop-up tents and wet towels on stand-by should the temperatures become super-hot (like last year).

Go Gators!!

The Champs Meet is the culmination of all the hard work our kids have put into this swim season. They get to show all of us how much they have improved and grown this season, and we get to cheer them on loudly and proudly.

See you at the pool, the Pep Rally and at De Anza!

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