The Gators Need You!

Dear Gator Parents,

We're looking for a parent who would like to help the team, fill all of your family's job requirements, and remain free to watch your kids at every meet (home & away). Sound interesting? Well...You can do ALL of this by becoming our team representative to the JSSL (Junipero Serra Swim League) for the 2019 summer season (and beyond!).

You will learn a lot about the league, learn a lot about our team, and you'll become friends with lots and lots of families at each of the 6 clubs in the league. That aspect alone can make the job quite rewarding.

What the role requires:

  • Attend JSSL Meetings 1x month January - July, and one end of the year meeting right after Champs,
  • Communicate with the Swim Team Chairs, Swim Team Committee, Manager, Coaches, & Eichler BOG as needed,
  • Some knowledge of swimming is helpful but not required (former summer league swimmer, kids in year round swimming, S&T Judge, etc.),
  • Willingness to serve as an ambassador to Eichler within the league (we're considered one of FRIENDLIEST and best run teams in the league.).

Steve Haney, Tim Edmonds, and Vince Parrett have all served in this role and any of them would be happy to tell you more about it if you are interested!

If you know right away that you ARE interested in filling this important role for the 2019 season please reach out to: Tim Edmonds, Vince Parrett & Owen Bittinger ( ) or Steve Haney ( ).

Go Gators!!

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