39 hrs until Volunteer List for Champs Submitted- Sign up NOW

Dear Gators:

Please sign up for your volunteer shift for Champs meet. We have to submit in 2 days (Saturday 11am) our final volunteer list.

There are many open positions, so in case you didn’t see a position calling your name, I have provided advertisements:

  • Is spectating your sport? Show up the night before and get your job done! Then Saturday you can spectate all day: “Saturday: 6pm Set-Up Worker” Come help set up the meet moving chairs, tables, EZ-Up tents, etc. Bonus if you can meet me at Eichler Saturday 5pm to pack the cars with Eichler gear and race to the pool to unload. Guarantee you will win.  My car is slow. 
  • Best job for the Early Afternoon Exercise Junkie: “Post Meet Teardown Worker” Took about 30-45 mins after the meet ended last year. You can be on the look-out for coins/cash or broken stuff you might want to save.
  • Thrill Seeking Teens: The ONLY job for TEENS! “False Start Rescuer” 2 teen swimmers who can be at the side of the pool during the butterfly events and jump in to stop swimmers if there is false start. Sign your kids up or email me at Shannon.beres@gmail.com and tell them I signed them up.
  • Miss Yelling at Your Kids? You can now yell at all the kids! “Marshall: Pool stairs” You stand there and make sure only designated children/adults allowed in that area.
  • Always Thinking about Money? “Program Sales” You sell programs and rake in the cash (not to keep, just imagery-exercise).
  • Calling Camera Aficionado: “Team Photographer” Take pictures of Gators all-day-long
  • Best Early Bird Meet-and-Greeter: “Team Volunteer Coordinator” Rise and shine and be there at 7am to say Hi to all the Gator Volunteers as they check in before the meet. You need to stand at the Eichler tent 7-8:30am and hand out name tags and cross names off list (all provided to you Saturday by me, personally delivered to your home). You are pretty special because: The meet cannot start without you AND once the meet starts- you are done! I will even drop off a coffee at your doorstep at 6am, if you give me your address. If this is not enough to sell it, just think of the quiet drive to the pool by yourself. Kids in-tow a little later by someone else.

To the Timers who already signed up: Good job- you secured the best viewing spot. To those wishing you were a timer- bribery has worked for centuries. Check into Swimtopia and see who you can contact. While there, sign up for an open position just in case the bribe falls through.

The positions must be filled so if you didn’t like the advertisement, you can still sign up for the job and then offer a more accurate and flashy advertisement to be used next year for your position.

These volunteer positions are so fun that both parents are going to want to work. Go sign up!

Goooo Gators!


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