Last Champs Announcement: Everything You Need to Know

Champs is a BIG meet with BIG fun and LOTS of work to make it happen.  Anticipate the heat wave-- it is a MUST to bring lots of water for your family in a cooler, hats (tell your kid that the cool kids wear a hat), sunglasses, sunshades.  You always need more water than you think, so please plan ahead for hydration. If you have a wagon-- this is the day to use it and bring extra water for friends and those who did not read past the title.  The kids get excited and forget to drink--so it will be a village effort to remind every random kid you see -- "Did you drink your water?"  Spread the word.  Signs of dehydration:  lethargy, flu-like illness, no sweating, red face, vomiting.  Please prevent this with being Hydration Police.  

Thank you to all the Eichler parent volunteers!  Please do not skip out on your volunteer position- we do not have anyone to replace you.  Life happens so if you cannot make it, please 1st) phone a friend to get your replacement 2nd) no friend available?- email up until 6am Sunday or after 6am find Hersha Miller or Aimee Woodruff (sporting a neon vest) at the meet. 


Questions?  You are in luck. The links below should answer everything you might be wondering.  Even down to the nitty gritty about which volunteers get free lunch and who has to wear the awesome neon vest. (Keep your eye on one of these volunteer positions and sign up next year for your free lunch and a chance to wear a VIP vest:))

parent packet 

General map

Cheer Location and order

Who is getting lunch?

Who needs a vest?


Repetition is best so review the same announcement you have seen for 2 weeks-- Can you spot the new pearls of info I added this time?   Read on..... (hint: italics, subtle)

CliffsNotes from the Parent Package in the above link:

Date/Time:  Sunday, July 16, 2023. Meet begins at 9:00 am. Ends around 1:30pm. Longer meet than usual.

Place: Independence High School. 617 N. Jackson Ave. San Jose, CA 95133.

Park near the tennis courts to save you footsteps.

Warm-Ups:  Eichler warm-ups are 8:00-8:35 am in Lane 8-10. Please get your kid(s) there on time. 

What Do I Do When I First Get there?

  • As you enter, stop by the Eichler Volunteer tent that is on the Upper Deck near the Boy’s Locker Room (see map on page 4 Parents Packet).
  • Hersha will give you your parent volunteer badge.  DO NOT PUT THE NAME TAG STICKER ON THE PLASTIC LANYARD BADGE- the stickers do not come off and the lanyards are re-used each year.  NAME TAG GOES ON SHIRT- LANYARD GOES AROUND YOUR NECK.  NO MARRYING OF THE TWO, THEIR IS NO DIVORCE POSSIBLE.  
  • Then go drop your stuff off at the Eichler Sit/Camp Spot (see location on map that says EICHLER page 4 of Parents Packet).
  • Then get the kids to the warm up at 8:00 am, Lane 8-10.
  • Watch your clock to be at the Volunteer meeting for your positions (see page 7 of Parents Packet). All volunteers meetings (1st and 2nd half) are from 7:15am-9am to learn what you need to do. Check out page 7 for your time and location.
  • What do I do with my Volunteer Lanyard that is not connected to the sticker name badge when my job is over?  Anytime..... Give it to Hersha Miller, Aimee Woodruff, OR place it in a clear bin with EICHLER on it that is near the Ribbons table (which is exactly the same tables where you went for the volunteer check near the Boys Locker Room/Upper deck-- just swapped out the volunteer check-ins for the Ribbons pick up). 
  • What do I do at the end of the meet?  Clean up your area, offer a helping hand for tear down if you can.  Show JSSL that Eichler Rocks! Get ready for a fun evening at Champs dinner.

Independence High School is Big.  Park near the tennis courts and plan to arrive 7:30-8 am so that you can find the Eichler tent/hang out area and settle in before warm ups. The drive time is about 25 minutes, so please prepare ahead.

Other important information:

  • There will be three food trucks (check the JSSL website for details) and we will provide food for coaches and those whole day volunteers that cannot leave the pool.
  • Camping, chairs, tents, umbrellas , wagons, etc are not allowed inside the pool. Also camping is NOT allowed the night before the event.
  • All of this information is also available on the JSSL website.



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