Celebrating the Gators


We want to recognize all our Gators for their hard work and team spirit this 2023 season. A special shout-out to the following Gators:


Carol Hyde Inspiration Award: Julia Maecker

Presented to the Eichler Gator swimmer who continually encourages and inspires others while serving as a model of respect, caring and humility. A teammate with an infectious spirit who, by working hard, makes him or herself better; makes the team great; and makes the experience of being a Gator truly exceptional.


Manager’s Award: Sonja Meyers

Presented annually to the Eichler Gator who has made special efforts both in and out of the water to make Eichler Swim and Tennis Club a wonderful place not only for his or her teammates, but for the entire club, our staff, and all of our members.


Jim LuValle Award: Rohan Kancherla

Presented to the swimmer who exemplifies a commitment to overcoming adversity, and is a role model for work ethic on the team.


Eichler Record Setter - Fly, Back, and Free! Sabrina Meyers


Age Group Awards:

6 and Under

Most Improved - Barrett Goodnough, Sage Foure

High Point - Aster Farrell, Bruce Zhang

Spirit - Wesley Sands


7 and 8 Years Old

Most Improved - Daniel Frank, Julia Cappella-Pimor

High Point - Megan Varma, Miles Tanphaichitr

Spirit - Premila Miller


9 and 10 Years Old

Most Improved - Sachin Miller, Brooklynn Andersen

High Point - Aiden Kristenson, Quinn Beres

Spirit - Malia Chen


11 and 12 Years Old

Most Improved - Logan Green, Kalea Chen

High Point - Oscar Merkel, Sevanna Meyers

Spirit - Lenox Hancock


13 and 14 Years Old

Most Improved - Rory Sands, Leilani Chen

High Point - Teddy Parrett, Sabrina Meyers

Spirit - Ela Aba


15 and Up

Most Improved - Kira Dye, Dexter Cleveringa

High Point - Milla Cleveringa, Kieran Zajac

Spirit - Julia Maecker


100% Gators: Attended 100% of meets

Premila Miller

Barret Goodnough

Adrian Kaviani

Bruce Zhang

Lenox Hancock

Aster Farrell

Harrison Goodnough

Miles Tanphaichitr

Reid Dye

John Bradley

Oliver Lin

Sachin Miller

Liam Tanphaichitr

Zealand Tuteja


Gators Going Strong 

Going Strong for 5 Years...

Hannah Rubin


Going Strong for 10 Years...

Eva Barthelemy

Sabrina Meyers

Teddy Parrett

Reid Dye

Kieran Zajac

Milla Cleveringa

Julia Maecker

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