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Swim Team Jobs

It takes a virtual army of parents to ensure a successful swim season and to maximize the quality of experience for the swimmers. Working at meets and social events is fun and provides a great opportunities to get to know other swim team parents.  Jobs are broken down into the seven groups described below. 

Social Events Group

Organize social events such as the Moonlight Swim, Kids Movie Night, Photo/Ice Cream Night, etc... as either a chair, co-chair, or committee member/worker.  Being a chair or co-chair means you organize events and manage committee members.  Committee member jobs may include shopping, set-up, serving food, running games, clean-up, etc...

Stroke & Turn Group

Attend brief meeting at the start of a meet to learn location-specific rules. Judge legality of strokes & turns per league rules. IMPORTANT: All Judges MUST attend Stroke and Turn Clinic on May 19th. One shift credit is awarded for attending this clinic. 

Timer/Recorder Group

Timer Times swimmers in one lane and gives results to Recorder. Timers MUST provide their own stopwatches.

Recorder  Write down the three times recorded for each event. Verifies that swimmer’s name is correct. Legible handwriting is crucial for this job.

Timing console worker  (Requires Training) Running the electronic timing console.

Facilities Group

Bathroom Monitors (Male and Female - Home Meets Only)  Monitors locker rooms during meets to ensure adequate supplies of soap, paper products. Makes sure swimmers follow club rules for locker room behavior. Reports problems to the Meet Director.

Garbage Can Monitors (entire meet job for 1 credit)  Check the garbage cans during the meet & make sure they don't overflow.

Set-up (Home Meets Only)  Arrive at club well before swim meet to prepare the club for the meet.(Requires training)

Clean-up (Home Meets Only)  All families must clean up after themselves. The Clean-up workers pick up stray trash, take full garbage bags to dumpsters, wipe down tables and place chairs around tables and lounges alongside the pool.

Concessions Group (Home Meets Only)

BBQer Grills meat and veggie items to sell at the concession.

Buyer Purchases food and beverages for concessions (this is done during the week) and purchasing doughnuts, ice, etc the morning of the meet. 

Food Prep Prepares concession food in advance, where possible.

Set-up Sets up tables for concessions. Puts out paper products and utensils.

Clean-up Cleans up snack area. Puts away tables and washes serving dishes and BBQ tools.

Worker Collects money. Replaces items as quantities run low. Keeps snack area neat.

Data Table Group 

Validator Checks computer printouts against recorder slips for averaging and data entry accuracy (away meets only).

Averager Averages times for each swimmer to arrive at one time per swimmer per event (away meets only).

Reader Reads the times to the Data Entry person for input (away meets only).

Data Entry person (should be an experienced person – requires training) imports the times from the electronic system and makes adjustments as necessary.

Miscellaneous Group

Event Board Turner (Home meets only)  Turns event number board as swim meet progresses.

Round Up Clerk  Locates children primarily in the younger age groups and make sure they report to the Clerk of the Course in time for their events. This is a good job for parents who know many of the younger swimmers.

Runner  Coordinates DQ/Recorder sheets & results sheets by event. Makes sure heat & lane numbers as well as the signature of the stroke and turn judge is on the DQ slip.

Ribbon Maker/Filer Places computer-generated labels on ribbons and files ribbons in swim team file box.

On Call/Floater: Be ready to do any job that needs to be done. 


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